Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Outdated Schooling Systems

TEMET NOSCE - (Latin) know thyself

IQ or EQ

- intelligence quotient
EQ - emotional quotient

We value IQ almost as we value money. Many psychologists say however that its the EQ thats important. Essentially, to master ourselves is to understand and guide our emotions and thoughts (which are reflective) and intelligence will follow. Whereas we currently chase intelligence but lack self mastery and wind up never learning how to differentiate between the things that please us and that make us sad. Eating disorders, smoking, drinking and drug addictions - how it feels so good to be bad?


These things seem uncertain. Not surprising being that no one taught us to 'listen to ourselves'. Generally its the opposite - don't feel, take a pill.

But how do we adapt our schools from the current system that was established over 2000 years ago in Greece? (just a bit outdated) We have tons of information bombarding us from age 2 and spend 20 years in school apparently learning. At the end of it all, when you ask any random kid what they learned, I guarantee their response being, "I dunno."

Then, as if to say "you didn't study hard enough", we revise our schools for longer hours and more work. The kids in US schools are getting destroyed in national scores and are under worked by length of days.

We don't need more if we can't handle the current workload. We need to meet ourselves, officially. We need to learn about our thoughts and feelings. To have self-control we must understand ourselves. We certainly (logically) have no control over ourselves if we barely understand our thoughts and emotions. - What else are we?

We've got politicians that are opposite extremes and it's embarrassing. Senators completely against homosexual marriages are front-paging newspapers, "Caught in airport bathroom soliciting homosexuality." Me personally, I don't care what peoples preferences are and who they date, that's their agenda. But these are the leaders of the US and become the exemplification of a failed learning system when they try to destroy the thing they like - nationally.

Then we have Governors that are "trying to eliminate prostitution" followed by national apologies for cheating on their wives and philandering with hookers. What are you going to tell me next, they really wanted to lower taxes, go green and provide more jobs but they forgot and gave the subsidies to oil companies. Wouldn't be a surprise!

Not to beat the dead horse here, or to bring up taboo subjects in defense of this argument but it is very, very pertinent to discuss Columbine, V.Tech and U. Texas, and the mall shootings. These kids felt oppressed and depressed and who knows what else, not even they themselves knew their emotions and thoughts. And that's exactly my point!

It's not easy to reinvent a system that's ongoing for 2 millennium. It wouldn't even be considered for restructuring; too much work. But to implement new venues, new variables, that's considerable.

There are possibilities of implementation here that we are aware of as a society but are bypassing for medicine and other quick-fix solutions, if I can call them solutions. Crime in public high schools and they hire guards. Fear is the only deterrent there. Why not introduce meditation as a class, or yoga, or tai chi; anything passive and positive? Why not hemi-sync in classrooms? Why not try anything passive and positive? Again, we limit ourselves by the conditions we give ourselves. We cannot consider something when it is 'out of question', because its out of the question!

We are the "rulers of the land" here but change is a law here like gravity and it happens whether we like it or not. So we can either learn to go with the flow or keep fighting the river, but river fighters always lose. Good luck humanity.

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