Saturday, June 27, 2009



the caretakers who taught us
what they thought was right,
the city and town that raised us
how they thought it was normal,
cultural conditioning
how we unknowingly submit,
social acceptances of our country
oh how we blindly follow,

like the roadlines that drive us
that tell us how to be, at what speed, at what time

Both necessities and constraints; conditioning, culture, behavioral "correctness", we would have no idea what to do without them nor learn a basic right from wrong without them.
But they act as a boat crossing the river; you need the boat to cross the river but to keep the boat and carry it once across would make the boat a burden.

An attempt at least to expand the roadlines this is; to expand the limits until we can stretch our arms.

Like a good book; by the end of it you know more than before. Often we say, "I didn't know that before reading the book." Could you imagine how many books exist?! And even then, many are outdated within a few years.
We can never know everything nor conclude anything. Only can we continually expand; expand consciousness, expand linguistically, expand perceptively, expand compassionately, expand fraternally, expand comprehensively, and of course to expand physically, no just kidding.

Expand my friends, expand metaphorically, expand philosophically, creatively, lovely and lovingly.

This place, here, Earth, it's too big and too vast to see it all and experience everything. So do what we can while we're here is how we can view life.



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