Friday, July 26, 2013

Excitement in the Future

When we are excited about an event in the future
(and you think of that event)

we can think of an event between now and then and be excited about that event also
(and keep bringing the excitement closer)
we can think of an event between then and now and be excited again
(until we are excited about now)

and we are no longer excited about now
(but )
content that we are now
and that we are happy
we are right where we need to be
(right now)


we will be happy in the event of the future

cause when we are there

we will be happy
(like we are now)

because then will be now





First thing's First

 Do Not Handle Chili Pepper and then Pick your Nose!

This is an old proverb that translates to doing things in an intelligent order and that there is an intelligent order of doing things.  If you can identify the optimum order then it will pay, if not you may get burned.  

Some people are familiar with another proverb :
  • Work now, play later

It pays to do certain things first but it will bring pain to do other first.

Heed these words!

Work now, play later
think now, speak later
breath now, panic later
health now, lazy later
appreciate now, money later
learn now, wealth later
love now, fight later
live now, die later !

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cerebral Hemispheric Test

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 8(8)
Right Brain Dominance: 9(9)
Click here to take the Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz and find out what side you favor.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daily Preparation


Say softly aloud

And think about what each word means

I chill

I am calm

I relax

My hands


My feet

Feel your heart beat

Feel it float along

Like your own inner drum

Feel for a moment

Setting your pace


Take a nice and steady breath in

I relax

My knees


My elbows

Feel your chest

and the drum within

I breath

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Question Social Acceptances

Why is it that we as humans constantly indulge in instant gratifications that always result in regrets and self reproaching?

Why do we voluntarily concede to vain actions that ultimately render suffering?

To these questions we can have any response we want, nonetheless responses, whether correct or incorrect, are not solutions but theoretical or idealogical responses that do not facilitate change but avoid it. The problem remains. Change does not happen.

The only possibility for change hides in practice :

Practicing charity frees the self of vanity.

Practicing generosity liberates the self from capriciousness.
Practicing self-forgiveness is awesome.

In front of your mirror repeat this with every bit of bravery you have...

I love you, seriously.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


"But as I reflected on this coverage of this story, I began to realize the ultimate irony: our news media is selling us the most pervasive drug of all. It is the altered consciousness of fear, hysteria and outrage. These altered states take us out of the present moment and land us in a terrain that is it own high.

Outrage is intoxicating in the extreme because we can leave behind the troublesome, inconvenient and irritating need to discover for ourselves what's really going on and thereby learn something new. Instead we get to move immediately to the euphoria of knowing we are right, regardless of the facts.
It doesn't matter whether we are by nature conservative or liberal. Both Fox News and MSNBC are equally happy to push our rage buttons and sell us something that promises to fill the emptiness.
Being "right" is a powerful elixir, it allows us to immediately simplify this complex world into categories of white hats and black hats. Being right allows us to embark on one crusade after another that is deeply satisfying to the ego. We don't need to listen to anyone else because we already know the truth. Ignorance, as they say, truly IS bliss. However, it's a bliss we can no longer afford. There comes a time when we must say enough is enough. There comes a time to turn off the constant din of media driven hysteria and begin to listen to the inner voice. And that, in itself, is an altered state of consciousness. It is called "sanity.""

- Paul Rademacher
The Monroe Institute

Friday, May 28, 2010

Meditation Training

Physical, mental and emotional training to balance the Self.

Self balance is learned
acquire balance, feel stable
strong legs bare heavy weight
strong mind bares heavy burden
be balanced, be strong
be you.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Taking Perspective

This is our Home.
We were born here with no idea why. (except ideas from others that equally have no idea)

This place is the biggest thing in our daily world that we constantly perceive.
And yet we forget that everything is relative; that reality is based on the perceiver, and that depending on the observer, the perspective may be very narrow or very broad...


And just when you think you know everything about life, you realize that you and it are much smaller than you think...

that tiny dot is in point of fact our green planet. . .

perspective is humility.

how much perspective do you have?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free Wisdom . Free Knowledge

  • free books
  • free knowledge
  • know-the-ledge

Forgotten Books
Old books and texts to read freely.
Hundreds and thousands of ancient readings,
who knows what's hidden in those words and pages.
Sages would note their observations,
and call the future and leave hints,
to what they thought was a true secret.

  • free books
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  • wise-dome

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The problem with Mirrors

The problem with vanity is that it leads us down the wrong path. The mirror helps us get to know ourselves but only on the outside, and what we look like is only the representative intermediary of the character on the inside - the emotive, feeling, thinking, alive being. The part that animates the outside is the inside.

When we reflect, it is not ever to look in the mirror and say, "that is who I am", but to think of the past and see who we are based on what we've done, good and bad.

We have no choice as to what we look like or the family we grow up in or the country we are from yet we value these things as if they were qualities. The little choice we have is entirely internal. Sure, sure, we can decorate our outside with trinkets and cloth and animal hides and design our hair the best we can, we can exercise and attempt to stay healthy. True choice is how we react to each situation, how much we know ourselves, what we will dedicate ourselves to learning. And of course, because we wear and tarnish, everything physical will erode, shrink and dissapear, everything invested towards the outside is in vain, hence the adjective - VAIN. The internal is what will last, what we will remain until the very last second of life, and after that, who knows.

There are two things - the outside of the individual; being other people, the weather, all sound and light vibration, and what we look like (acting as a representative intermediary of who we are and demonstrating that we co-exist with others.) Then there is the inside which are thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, desires, aspirations, disappointments (essentially - memories, the present manifestation, and hopes), health, etc,.

If the outside representation is nurtured then the things listed under 'inside' are consequently diminished; such as having no self awareness, confusion, feeling lost and thus not understanding others simply because we misinterpret ourselves.

Of course, knowing the self is the hardest thing in the world and takes a lifetime (some say multiple lifetimes). Simple objective self-observation is the most effective means of developing the inside just following meditation - which trains the objective, observatory mind.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hardest thing in Life

People often compare their difficulties, feeling more or less privileged than the next and using that perception as benchmarking or a standard of classification. We're missing the point.

Einstein, Tesla, Newton and just about every other historically renowned "mind" has said that the greatest illusion is separation.

The truth is that we all live the hardest thing together; the present moment. We may have our own scarring memories, repressed emotions and skeletons in the closet, but the fact is, the present moment is the only truth and the same thing we all concurrently live. We are all bound by this constant present moment, that is never the same yet never changes.

Time is a concept, a common means of organization and observation of the elusive and ever-changing present moment. A clock is a measure of itself, not of the pace of the present moment. Time is not a truth. The present moment is truth. The hardest thing I've ever done was live in the present moment. Sure, I remember the things I'd rather not, and I remember the awesomeness of the past, but it's just that; the past.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Outdated Schooling Systems

TEMET NOSCE - (Latin) know thyself

IQ or EQ

- intelligence quotient
EQ - emotional quotient

We value IQ almost as we value money. Many psychologists say however that its the EQ thats important. Essentially, to master ourselves is to understand and guide our emotions and thoughts (which are reflective) and intelligence will follow. Whereas we currently chase intelligence but lack self mastery and wind up never learning how to differentiate between the things that please us and that make us sad. Eating disorders, smoking, drinking and drug addictions - how it feels so good to be bad?

These things seem uncertain. Not surprising being that no one taught us to 'listen to ourselves'. Generally its the opposite - don't feel, take a pill.

But how do we adapt our schools from the current system that was established over 2000 years ago in Greece? (just a bit outdated) We have tons of information bombarding us from age 2 and spend 20 years in school apparently learning. At the end of it all, when you ask any random kid what they learned, I guarantee their response being, "I dunno."

Then, as if to say "you didn't study hard enough", we revise our schools for longer hours and more work. The kids in US schools are getting destroyed in national scores and are under worked by length of days.

We don't need more if we can't handle the current workload. We need to meet ourselves, officially. We need to learn about our thoughts and feelings. To have self-control we must understand ourselves. We certainly (logically) have no control over ourselves if we barely understand our thoughts and emotions. - What else are we?

We've got politicians that are opposite extremes and it's embarrassing. Senators completely against homosexual marriages are front-paging newspapers, "Caught in airport bathroom soliciting homosexuality." Me personally, I don't care what peoples preferences are and who they date, that's their agenda. But these are the leaders of the US and become the exemplification of a failed learning system when they try to destroy the thing they like - nationally.

Then we have Governors that are "trying to eliminate prostitution" followed by national apologies for cheating on their wives and philandering with hookers. What are you going to tell me next, they really wanted to lower taxes, go green and provide more jobs but they forgot and gave the subsidies to oil companies. Wouldn't be a surprise!

Not to beat the dead horse here, or to bring up taboo subjects in defense of this argument but it is very, very pertinent to discuss Columbine, V.Tech and U. Texas, and the mall shootings. These kids felt oppressed and depressed and who knows what else, not even they themselves knew their emotions and thoughts. And that's exactly my point!

It's not easy to reinvent a system that's ongoing for 2 millennium. It wouldn't even be considered for restructuring; too much work. But to implement new venues, new variables, that's considerable.

There are possibilities of implementation here that we are aware of as a society but are bypassing for medicine and other quick-fix solutions, if I can call them solutions. Crime in public high schools and they hire guards. Fear is the only deterrent there. Why not introduce meditation as a class, or yoga, or tai chi; anything passive and positive? Why not hemi-sync in classrooms? Why not try anything passive and positive? Again, we limit ourselves by the conditions we give ourselves. We cannot consider something when it is 'out of question', because its out of the question!

We are the "rulers of the land" here but change is a law here like gravity and it happens whether we like it or not. So we can either learn to go with the flow or keep fighting the river, but river fighters always lose. Good luck humanity.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hemi-Sync - the run down

Hemi-Sync - short for hemispheric synchronization

This is obviously a hard concept to believe; that music can enhance humans?
Hypnotism? - No, not even in the least bit.
This is entirely scientific.

Rule #1 for the brain : If you don't use it you lose it. As you may know, we are born with a fully functional brain and continues that way up until the mid-teen years. Then, as if to say that our schooling methods are not sufficient, the areas of our brain start to dim leaving only the areas that are still in use. Believe me, it looks like a highlighter dot surrounded by shadow.

How it works summary?
This music, is made by using a binaural frequency (or that each ear hears a different frequency) ex. left-408 MHz, right-400 MHz. Each hemisphere of the brain must work together to hear the frequencies which together the whole brain interprets as a third frequency.
By making the brain's hemispheres work together the brain slowly regains its optimal functioning ultimately regaining the capabilities of your teenage years, without all the personal uncertainty.

Does it work?
I tried it about two years ago. It was recommended to me by my professor. Of course I trusted him but of course was apprehensive. I laid down on my bed one night and figured I'd give it a try. I played a song with the Theta frequency (we have theta naturally while meditating), relaxed, did some nonchalant breathing and relaxed to the sound-scape.
15 minutes passed, I sat up, and surprised (I didn't originally expect anything) I felt as if I meditated for a good 30 minutes! Tons of questions started their cruise through my once tranquil mind.

How could music give the same results as good meditation?
It replicates the mental state of meditation.

I've been meditating for over 6 years now so I recognize nuances. This was no nuance. I might assume though that because I've meditated for so long that I might be more susceptible to its effect. Still, for those Type A personalities I'd recommend the music. I've used it ever since that day.

Is it dangerous?
We can all read on the internet that its "proven" and etc., or I can give my opinion; I've only had positive results. My memory is on point, my concentration is like when I played high school sports. I am learning the ukulele by myself.

What it comes down to?
Science viewpoint - results - repeatable, consistent results.
Social viewpoint - if its socially "acceptable" then it's Ok.

I base my judgements by science; a conclusively repeatable, rudimentary way of making common observation and basing common fact.

Besides - I have the lower back of a 65 year old construction worker and when it's acting up I am not sleeping. When I play the hemi-sync music with the Delta frequency (deep sleep or NREM) I'm not waking up. Now that's what I'm talking about! Whether you're a skeptic or not, if you got bodily pain and can't sleep, you're gonna like this.

How is it a safe sleep aid?
The science music replicates the Delta frequency (which naturally occurs while in deep sleep). The music does not force the brain, it guides it.
80% of healing occurs in deep sleep. If someone has pain, they won't obtain deep sleep state (Delta state) and ultimately won't heal, feeling constantly tired and worn.

The Bottom Line.
If you want to know what it's like to skydive, listening to someone else's story isn't knowing - it's second-hand. You've got to jump to know.
If you want to know what this music is like and whether or not it works, reading a bunch of opinions and professional test results isn't experiencing, it's just comforting. You see what I'm saying - you've got to do it to know it!
If you want to know where to get a sample or buy a CD, leave a comment and voila, I'll respond.

Saturday, June 27, 2009



the caretakers who taught us
what they thought was right,
the city and town that raised us
how they thought it was normal,
cultural conditioning
how we unknowingly submit,
social acceptances of our country
oh how we blindly follow,

like the roadlines that drive us
that tell us how to be, at what speed, at what time

Both necessities and constraints; conditioning, culture, behavioral "correctness", we would have no idea what to do without them nor learn a basic right from wrong without them.
But they act as a boat crossing the river; you need the boat to cross the river but to keep the boat and carry it once across would make the boat a burden.

An attempt at least to expand the roadlines this is; to expand the limits until we can stretch our arms.

Like a good book; by the end of it you know more than before. Often we say, "I didn't know that before reading the book." Could you imagine how many books exist?! And even then, many are outdated within a few years.
We can never know everything nor conclude anything. Only can we continually expand; expand consciousness, expand linguistically, expand perceptively, expand compassionately, expand fraternally, expand comprehensively, and of course to expand physically, no just kidding.

Expand my friends, expand metaphorically, expand philosophically, creatively, lovely and lovingly.

This place, here, Earth, it's too big and too vast to see it all and experience everything. So do what we can while we're here is how we can view life.