Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hemi-Sync - the run down

Hemi-Sync - short for hemispheric synchronization

This is obviously a hard concept to believe; that music can enhance humans?
Hypnotism? - No, not even in the least bit.
This is entirely scientific.

Rule #1 for the brain : If you don't use it you lose it. As you may know, we are born with a fully functional brain and continues that way up until the mid-teen years. Then, as if to say that our schooling methods are not sufficient, the areas of our brain start to dim leaving only the areas that are still in use. Believe me, it looks like a highlighter dot surrounded by shadow.

How it works summary?
This music, is made by using a binaural frequency (or that each ear hears a different frequency) ex. left-408 MHz, right-400 MHz. Each hemisphere of the brain must work together to hear the frequencies which together the whole brain interprets as a third frequency.
By making the brain's hemispheres work together the brain slowly regains its optimal functioning ultimately regaining the capabilities of your teenage years, without all the personal uncertainty.

Does it work?
I tried it about two years ago. It was recommended to me by my professor. Of course I trusted him but of course was apprehensive. I laid down on my bed one night and figured I'd give it a try. I played a song with the Theta frequency (we have theta naturally while meditating), relaxed, did some nonchalant breathing and relaxed to the sound-scape.
15 minutes passed, I sat up, and surprised (I didn't originally expect anything) I felt as if I meditated for a good 30 minutes! Tons of questions started their cruise through my once tranquil mind.

How could music give the same results as good meditation?
It replicates the mental state of meditation.

I've been meditating for over 6 years now so I recognize nuances. This was no nuance. I might assume though that because I've meditated for so long that I might be more susceptible to its effect. Still, for those Type A personalities I'd recommend the music. I've used it ever since that day.

Is it dangerous?
We can all read on the internet that its "proven" and etc., or I can give my opinion; I've only had positive results. My memory is on point, my concentration is like when I played high school sports. I am learning the ukulele by myself.

What it comes down to?
Science viewpoint - results - repeatable, consistent results.
Social viewpoint - if its socially "acceptable" then it's Ok.

I base my judgements by science; a conclusively repeatable, rudimentary way of making common observation and basing common fact.

Besides - I have the lower back of a 65 year old construction worker and when it's acting up I am not sleeping. When I play the hemi-sync music with the Delta frequency (deep sleep or NREM) I'm not waking up. Now that's what I'm talking about! Whether you're a skeptic or not, if you got bodily pain and can't sleep, you're gonna like this.

How is it a safe sleep aid?
The science music replicates the Delta frequency (which naturally occurs while in deep sleep). The music does not force the brain, it guides it.
80% of healing occurs in deep sleep. If someone has pain, they won't obtain deep sleep state (Delta state) and ultimately won't heal, feeling constantly tired and worn.

The Bottom Line.
If you want to know what it's like to skydive, listening to someone else's story isn't knowing - it's second-hand. You've got to jump to know.
If you want to know what this music is like and whether or not it works, reading a bunch of opinions and professional test results isn't experiencing, it's just comforting. You see what I'm saying - you've got to do it to know it!
If you want to know where to get a sample or buy a CD, leave a comment and voila, I'll respond.


Amber said...

I would like to know where to pick up a CD.

Sid said...

This is a link to the site of the institute that invented and patented this type of music.