There is a theory that we all are constantly seeking to transcend ourselves.  At each and every moment we are in an ever-changing and ongoing state of transcendence and in fact that is why time exists.  When we speak of time we are actually perceiving a constant state of transcendence, which we also label as "change".  This change is our way of recognizing that what happened then is not happening now and will be different in a "time" in the future.

Transcendence is what we are here for; in this place, on earth, existing as human beings, interacting with the environment.  This is school.  We are here to learn and because there is no grade we either move on to the next level or we repeat; infinitely as far as we know.
What are we supposed to learn?  Purpose, capacity, empathy, perceptual expansion, these are a definite.  In all reality no one really knows but  these few remain consistent and coherent with most of the grand designs of the scientist and prophets.

Of course the question is how do we transcend ourself...

My observation this far is to cultivate the mind, body and the "ghost in the machine" as Descartes had described it.  To do this there are three recommendations that I have for you: